The Marriage Circle

NSFF 2021
10 January 2021
8:30 PM (local time)
Language: ENGLISH
Only via livestream!

USA, 1924
Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Cast: Monte Blue, Adolphe Menjou, Marie Prevost, Florence Vidor

The main course of NSFF 2021’s Sunday is the comedy THE MARRIAGE CIRCLE (1924) by Ernst Lubitsch, one of the most influential directors of the silent film era. Born in Germany, where he made more than forty films (with Pola Negri and Emil Jannings, among others), he left Europe in 1923, as the first major German director, and moved to Hollywood.

Once in America, he directed movie stars such as Mary Pickford, John Barrymore and again Pola Negri, who’d grown into a flamboyant larger than life superstar. In 1929 he made the successful transition from silent to sound film with the musical THE LOVE PARADE (1929). TROUBLE IN PARADISE (1932) is one of his greatest masterpieces.

THE MARRIAGE CIRCLE (1924) is a comedy from his early Hollywood days. In the film we follow Mizzi (Marie Prevost), a woman who’s unable to turn off her flirtatious nature. In a taxicab she meets Dr. Franz Braun (Monte Blue), the husband of her best friend Charlotte (Florence Vidor), but Mizzi doesn’t know that. This is the beginning of a cascade of hilarious misunderstandings and countless deceptions, set against the backdrop of a bourgeois drama amidst the Viennese aristocracy.

The film will be musically accompanied live by Maud Nelissen (piano).


NL, 1921
Director: Willy Mullens

NL, 1920
Director: Willy Mullens

Ahead of THE MARRIAGE CIRCLE two Dutch city films by Willy Mullens will be shown: VLISSINGEN and SITTARD.