The Brilliant Biograph

With an introduction by Frank Roumen (Eye Filmmuseum)

NSFF 2021
10 January 2021
4:00 PM (local time)
Presentation: ENGLISH

Film: ENG with NL subtitles
Only via livestream!

Full title: The Brilliant Biograph: Earliest Moving Images of Europe (1897-1902)

THE BRILLIANT BIOGRAPH is a compilation of restored footage from the collection of Mutoscope and Biograph Company, one of the first film companies, curated by Eye and the British Film Institute (BFI). Come away with us to Venice, Berlin and Amsterdam of more than 120 years ago and feel the excitement of the first film images!

With the support of the European Commission, a total of fifty films have been digitally restored (8K). These one-minute time capsules – run on 68mm nitrate – have a unique resolution; you might not expect it, but these recordings from the early days of cinema are among the sharpest and most richly detailed images in film history!

This compilation transports you to life around 1900, when European cities experienced strong growth. The shots of enchanting Venice – at the time mainly a tourist attraction for the privileged few – are of an mesmerising beauty.

Daan van den Hurk wrote a completely new score for this film and will perform it live!


NL, 1918
Director: Willy Mullens

Ahead of THE BRILLIANT BIOGRAPH the Dutch city film UTRECHT by Willy Mullens will be shown.

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