The Animation Genius of Richard Williams (1933-2019)

Presented by David Robinson

NSFF 2021
8 January 2021
7:00 PM (local time)
Only via livestream!

‘Will I live to finish this’ was the working title of LYSISTRATA, the last animation film triple Oscar winner Richard Williams was working on. Film historian and close friend David Robinson tells about the remarkable life and works of one of the greatest and most innovative animators of our time.

Being most well known for his work on WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT (1988), for which he won two Oscars, Williams created an unprecedented use of perspective in his animations. A technique that reached his height in the prologue of LYSISTRATA, which we will screen during this program.

Williams worked on his film until the last day of his life. He did not live to finish it. But left us a world of animation for generations to come.

Apart from a few clips, the following films will be shown in their entirety:

UK, 1971
Richard Williams

UK, 2015
Richard Williams

Richard Williams