Maud Nelissen

Maud Nelissen studied classical Piano in Utrecht and has since then focused on her great passion: the musical accompaniment of silent films. She has collaborated with Eric James, Charlie Chaplin’s last musical arranger and is now a much sought after musical accompanist at various film festivals and events in (and outside) Europe. She has founded her own film ensemble “the Sprockets” and performs with them, or various other ensembles and orchestras in the Netherlands and abroad.

Daan van den Hurk

Daan van den Hurk is film pianist and composer. He studied classical piano, jazz piano and compostion at the HKU Utrecht Conservatory. After following a masterclass in film accompaniment at the Pordenone Silent Film Festival he started to devote is carreer to silent film accompaniment, promotion and research. Since a number of years he is one of the regular musicians of the Pordenone Silent Film Festival and Bristol Slapstick Festival and performed at many other international festivals such as  Il Cinema Ritrovato, Locarno Film Festival and Istanbul Silent Film Days. He also works often closely together with the Eye Filmmuseum, f.i. for writing the music for THE BRILLIANT BIOGRAPH (2020). In 2017, together with Stichting Zolderkamertjesklassiek, he founded the Nederlands Silent Film Festival. Daan teaches classical piano, improvisation and musical theory at the HKU.

Frank van der Star

Frank van der Star is a drummer who certainly does not shy away form the unknown. In his musical career he has been everywhere and in every style. From the small club, to the large stadium, from Jazz and Sing & songwriters to heavy metal, and now he has also been found at the NSFF for many years. A fantastically beautiful musical challenge and new love. Always honored to be able to accompany fantastic films with these great musicians.

Tijn van der Sanden

Tijn van der Sanden, 32 years old, was born in Eindhoven and he started playing electric guitar at the age of 7. He moved to Amsterdam to study classical guitar there. After graduation, he continued his his studies in Seville, Spain. There he studied flamenco guitar at the Fundación Cristina Heeren.
In addition to performing music, Tijn also completed the study “’Music production for Film & Theatre in Bonn, Germany. Tijn has now settled in Eindhoven. Together with his girlfriend they have a guitar and dance studio specialized in Flamenco.

Emma van Dobben

After her bachelor’s degree in Music in Education in Rotterdam, Emma van Dobben focused on folk music on various instruments. During music lessons with young children, she uses piano, guitar, mandolin and ukulele, among other things. During her Master of Music in Utrecht she went to Ireland and Scotland to discover the local music, together with her accordion.

Later, during the Master’s in The Hague and Hungary, she got to know the music of Central Europe. With her band Lemonaki she traveled to Lesbos to investigate the Greek rebetika style. For her work at the Archeon she learned to play the hurdy-gurdy, rebec, lyre, drum and one-handed flute, typical medieval instruments. In addition, Emma is also a puppeteer and has her own puppet theater for children.

Daphne Balvers

Daphne Balvers studied saxophone at the Superior School of Music in Amsterdam. In 1996 she finished her Master Grade with great honor. At the age of 21 Daphne joined The Amsterdam Saxophone Quartet as the lead soprano saxophonist. As a member of that group she had the opportunity to play with renowned musicians like violinist Jaap van Zweden (now chief conductor of the New York Philharmonic), pianist Daniël Wayenberg, jazz drummer Han Bennink and fado singer Mariza. Since 2001 Daphne is part of Maud Nelissen’s film orchestra The Sprockets. Daphne teaches saxophone at the music school in her residence Amersfoort.

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