Love and the Devil

Love and the devil

A famous Venetian opera singer marries a rich, but very jealous man. After she moved to London with him, she misses the opera and all the attention she used to get. Once back in Venice, an old lover shows up and forces himself on her. A film full of seduction, passion and jealousy, with a suspense that is held until the very end. 


Every year in Britain the ‘BAFTA Award of Outstanding British Film’ is awarded. This price, which used to have the name ‘Alexander Korda Award for best British Film’, is still awarded in the honor of Korda, the director of LOVE AND THE DEVIL. Korda’s wife Maria was the lead in the film. In an interview she stated that she only accepted her husband’s direction in the studio because “at home…. I am the director.” It was the last silent film she played in. Her career would soon be over, because her heavy Hungarian accent was not deemed suitable for sound film. 

Muscial accompaniment

Daan van den Hurk



Livestream via Pand P


Date and time

Friday Januray 14 at 20:30 CET


€ 10 for all livestreams

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