It is not uncommon to make a little bit of fun of the neighbouring countries. That our neighbours make fun of the Dutch is also nothing new, but can be very funny to see. In the German comedy HURRA! ICH LEBE! (1928) Dutch clichés are exploited in a story about a man who appears to have died in a shipwreck. When it turns out that he actually just missed the ship, his friends hide him to claim the insurance money. 


The film is partly shot in Rotterdam and the harbour and old central station are visible. In Eindhoven there is a weekly publishing called Great Eindhoven, with local news and happenings. From 1923 until 1935 the magazine Great Rotterdam appeared weekly. Because of this the program is opened with a short documentary GROOT ROTTERDAM, that shows typical Dutch life and habits. 

Musical accompaniment

Daan van den Hurk



Pand P


Date and time

Sunday January 16 at 13:30 h


regular: € 12,50

student: € 9,00

child: € 7,00

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