Germaine Dulac

Germaine Dulac (1882-1942) is one of the most important female filmmakers of the early European film history and played a very important role in the French avant-garde and surrealist movement. The two films that are being screened tonight explore the possibilities of cinema while having a strong narrative. 


L’INVITATION AU VOYAGE tells a short story about a woman who feels rejected by her husband and longs for a new start, but finds out that this will never be possible. With minimal aid of text and intertitles, but with the expressiveness of the editing and images, the story comes to life.  

LA SOURIANTE MADAME BEUDET is seen as one of the first feminist films in which a timeless theme such as domestic violence is addressed. 


An impressionistic program, that is also very moving. 

Muscial accompaniment

Maud Nelissen (piano) and Daphne Balvers (saxofoon)



Livestream from Pand P


Date and time

Friday January 14 at 20:30 CET


€ 10 

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