What does the Dutch lockdown mean for NSFF 2021?

Everyone is well aware by now that The Netherlands have been put into lockdown from December 15, 2020 until January 19, 2021. The closing of all theaters, in particular Pand P and Parktheater Eindhoven, has a direct influence on the Nederlands Silent Film Festival 2021.

We are very happy that we’ll still be able to stream our silent jewels from Pand P theater, albeit without an audience in the room (but all the more in front of a television set or computer at home!). Anyone who has already purchased a ticket for Slapstick Saturday will receive a message from Parktheater Eindhoven and a refund.

As we reported earlier, NSFF 2021 will happen no matter what. Our intention had already been to put our main focus on the livestream, but at this point the festival will happen 100% online. This also applies to both Slapstick Saturday showings on January 9th. The afternoon showing was going to be exclusively for people in the theater, but we’ve decided to stream both showings all over the world!

The starting time has changed a little: the afternoon showing of Slapstick Saturday has moved from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM (local time!). The starting time of the evening showing remains the same: 8:30 PM (local time).

This means that everyone gets the chance to see something rather unique: the same films twice, accompanied live by the same improvising musicians, but both times with a completely different soundtrack!