Opening night NSFF 2021: A special collaboration with Bristol Slapstick Festival

In a unique collaboration with Bristol Slapstick Festival and Eye Filmmuseum, the Nederlands Silent Film Festival presents ITALIAN COMEDY 101. On Thursday, January 7, 2021, this will be the spectacular opening night of NSFF 2021. Curated by film historian David Robinson – who has been watching more than a hundred Italian comedies – this is a night you don’t want to miss (via our livestream).

The Italian film industry saw great potential for comedy at the beginning of the twentieth century. Comedians were recruited from everywhere and nowhere, out of circuses and off the streets, to perform in silent comedies.

We will present to you a selection of films from before World War I with leading roles for Cretinetti, Polidor and Kri Kri, among others. They will be introduced by David Robinson and musically accompanied live by Daan van den Hurk (piano).