The Dutch city films of Willy Mullens

Each screening during NSFF 2021 will be opened by a city film by Willy Mullens (1880-1952), one of the most prolific Dutch film pioneers in history. Initially, he operated a travel cinema together with his brother Bernard. They gained fame with their film THE MÉSAVENTURE OF A FRENCH GENTLEMAN WITH NO PANTALON ON THE BEACH OF ZANDVOORT, in which they interweaved fiction and reality.

In 1911 they closed the travel cinema and each went their separate ways. A few years later, Willy founded the film production company Haghe Film, which grew into one of the largest Dutch producers of commissioned, corporate and advertising films, and still exists.

He also travelled around the globe to record the Dutch East Indies, for example, commissioned by the Bataafsche Petroleum Maatschappij, and he made a lot of films for the Royal Family, which gave him his nickname ‘filmmaker of the nation’.

Prior to each screening during NSFF 2021, we will visit a different Dutch city that has been immortalized by Mullens.