THE LOST WORLD headlines the Friday of NSFF 2021!

The Nederlands Silent Film Festival will unlock the doors and set the dinosaurs free on Friday evening, January 8, 2021. In THE LOST WORLD (1925), a loose adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel, Professor Challenger (Wallace Beery) and his crew travel to South America. Once there, they encounter a long forgotten world.

Decades before JURASSIC PARK (1993), lifelike dinosaurs walked the silver screen, brought to life by special effects wizard Willis H. O’Brien. The film was released just before the announcement of the sound film and in 1929 the producer decided – in his infinite wisdom – to destroy all copies of THE LOST WORLD – anticipating on a remake with sound, called KING KONG (1933). Luckily, a few copies survived.

The copy that will be shown during NSFF 2021 is the fully restored version, almost entirely in its original form, and will be introduced by Serge Bromberg, film restorer and director of Lobster Films.

Daan van den Hurk (piano) and Frank van der Star (drums) will musically accompany the film live.