The weekend of NSFF 2021: Slapstick Saturday, The Brilliant Biograph and The Marriage Circle!

From the very first (and sharpest) film images of all time to the biggest pie-throwing-spectacle ever recorded on film, the weekend of the Nederlands Silent Film Festival is full of sweet cinematographic whipped cream.

As you probably know by now, our guests of honor during Slapstick Saturday are Laurel & Hardy. You’ll see THE LUCKY DOG (1921), the first film they made together – before anyone could predict they’d become an iconic duo. And you’ll see Stan Laurel on his own in DETAINED (1924), including a “new” scene that was discovered in 2017 in the Fries Film Archief.

On Sunday afternoon, we will travel through Europe of 120 years ago. THE BRILLIANT BIOGRAPH is a compilation film, curated by Eye and the British Film Institute (BFI), with images from between 1897 and 1902. These images have been digitally restored and are razor sharp.

We conclude NSFF 2021 on Sunday evening with the comedy THE MARRIAGE CIRCLE (1924) by the famous German director Ernst Lubitsch. After making forty films in Europe, he left and went to Hollywood in 1923, where he made one masterpiece after another. In the film, we follow Mizzi, a woman who seems to have invented the art of flirting.