Slapstick Saturday at NSFF 2021: Laurel and/or Hardy!

There will be not one, but two Slapstick Saturdays this year. One in the afternoon (3:00 PM, local time) and one in the evening (8:30 PM). The same films will be shown at both times, but given all the restrictive measures – with probably an audience of thirty people at maximum in the theater – we’ve scheduled two screenings on Saturday, January 9, 2021.

Slapstick Saturday can be enjoyed via our special livestream (however, only the evening showing!), which is included in our passe partout. However, if you wish to experience the magic live, you can now order tickets at Parktheater Eindhoven. The site of the theater lists all security measures, regarding masks and cancellations as well.

The subtitle of Slapstick Saturday is ‘Laurel and/or Hardy’. This is not for naught. Because, in addition to the very first film by Laurel & Hardy (THE LUCKY DOG, 1921), also DUCK SOUP (1927), THE FINISHING TOUCH (1928) and BATTLE OF THE CENTURY (1927) will be shown. And we’ll see Stan Laurel, by himself, in DETAINED (1924). The scene in which Laurel’s neck is extended to unreal proportions was long considered lost. Until 2017, when the scene was found in the Fries Film Archief!

Both Slapstick Saturdays are presented by festival director Daan van den Hurk. The films are musically accompanied live by the NSFF Trio (Van den Hurk, Soeters, Van der Star).