This is the official poster of NSFF 2021

The program of the Nederlands Silent Film Festival 2021 has yet to be announced, but the official poster does give away a few hints already. We see Stan Laurel in typical prison garb – which immediately raises the question: where is Oliver Hardy? – and the head of an extinct animal species. Which silent films are hiding behind these images? A little bit of patience is still needed. Soon we will reveal the complete program, and we’ll do this step by step, but don’t let us keep you from speculating!

In the previous years, our posters could be found in strategic places, however this year everything’s different. Distributing the poster is harder en less effective. In addition, you’ll be able to enjoy NSFF 2021 via a special livestream, which means a lot more people in other countries will be watching. That is why we are making the poster available, right here, on the website, for anyone to download. Enlarge the thumbnail, set your printer to A4 paper format and put it up to your window for everyone to see!