March 24, 2019: SEVEN YEARS BAD LUCK

Sunday 24th of march, at 19:30, the NSFF presents a special event: SEVEN YEARS BAD LUCK. This evening, in Pand P Eindhoven, two silent comedies will be screened, with live musical accompaniment by the NSFF Trio: Daan van den Hurk (piano), Bart Soeters (bass) en Frank van der Star (drums). A redo of the popular Slapstick Saturday, but on Sunday, for everyone who can’t wait until January 2020!


Buster Keaton in THE HIGH SIGN (1921)

A comic of a weird secret society which will turn your theatre into a merry lodge of mirth

Feature Film: SEVEN YEARS BAD LUCK (1921) with Max Linder

David Robinson on Max Linder and SEVEN YEARS BAD LUCK:
‘Max Linder was the cinema’s first international comedy star, and a prodigious inventor of gags and routines that have continued to enrich every comedian’s repertoire. Yet his reputation was eclipsed by the horror of his death in an apparent double suicide with his young wife. As a result of the taint of mystery and scandal, he was practically eliminated from film history for four decades, until his daughter Maud – who as a baby was in her parents’ suicide room – set out to reclaim his name and to rediscover his films. It is Maud Linder (who died in 2017 at the age of 93) we have to thank for the reclamation of the film we shall see today. He called this film Seven Years Bad Luck. Max’s personal bad luck lasted longer, but our happy rediscovery of him may now make some posthumous recompense.’