The adventures of prins Achmed (7+)

The adventures of prins Achmed (7+)

Travel to far countries and dream about beautiful colors. THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMED takes you on a journey to a fairy tale based on the stories of Thousand and One Nights. 


Prince Achmed is tricked by a sorcerer with an evil plan. He seduces Achmed to try out a flying horse without telling him how to land again. This is the beginning of a long journey full of mythical creatures, monsters, Aladin and the magic lamp and love. Will Achmed be back in time to stop the plan of the sorcerer? 


A magical film, suitable for the entire family!

It’s the oldest still surviving feature animation film in the film history, created by one of the most important and inventive animators: Lotte Reiniger. Reiniger’s shadow animations were of great influence to film history and especially Walt Disney. Just like Reiniger, he often based his films on fairy tales, but he also used some of her innovations such as her multiplane camera technique, which adds dept to the flat animated images. In Disney’s ALICE THE PIPER, a king orders Alice and her cat Julius to chase the rats out of his town. 

Musical accompaniment

Daan van den Hurk (piano) en Emma van Dobben (multi-instrumentalist)  



Pand P, Eindhoven


Date and time

Saturday April 23


regular: € 12,50

child: € 8,50

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