11:30 Lecture 3: About Musical Accompaniment for film

By: Silent Film Pianist Daan van den Hurk

Filmpianist Daan van den Hurk talks about the history and art of silent film accompaniment and will also play some original Mood Music. Next to that, two special guest musicians are invited to follow a short masterclass silent film accompaniment. Pianist Ariadne Verstegen and cellist Maaike Peters will follow this public lesson. They will also accompany one of the Laurel and Hardy shorts during the festival.


14:00 Program 6: Bring your kids!

Laurel and Hardy still make the world laugh! This programme is the perfect moment to introduce those who might be the most successful film duo ever to the younger generation!

So bring the whole family and enjoy:

Liberty (USA 1929)

Leo McCarey 20′

Live musical accompaniment: Ariadne Verstegen (piano) and Maaike Peters (cello)





Wrong Again (USA 1929)

Leo McCarey 20′

Live musical accompaniment: Daan van den Hurk





Big Business (USA 1929)

James W. Horne, Leo McCarey 18′

Live musical accompaniment: Meg Morley





16:00 Program 7: Handkerchiefs Sunday


Animation and music: Anne-Maartje Lemereis



Jacques Feyder 117′


VISAGES D’ENFANTS is a psychological drama from France-Swiss production and one of the most beautiful examples of realism in silent films. The story takes place in the magnificent Swiss’ landscapes, where most of the film is shot. The story tells of a young boy whose mother passes away. The boy grows resistant when his father remarries and his stepmom is overtaking the place of his deceased mother, until he runs away from home.

Live musical accompaniment by Maud Nelissen


18:00 Festival Diner

Reservations can be made directly at Pand P


20:00 Program 8: Adventure Evening (Avonturen Avond)

BLAUW (NL, 2018)

Animation and music: Anne-Maartje Lemereis



Otto van Neijenhoff, Willy Mullens 14’31”


“Der Hund von Baskerville”
D 1929
George Seroff, Carlyle Blackwell Sr. (v.l.n.r.)

Richard Oswald 66′

‘The Hound of Baskerville’ might be the most well known story from the Sherlock Holmes-series by Arthur Conan Doyle. Though many times made into a movie (silent or with sound), this version is a special telling of the classic story, in which Holmes solves the mystery of the ‘Hound’ who holds family Baskerville in a constant state of fear.

The film, however, came out ‘too late’ to become an international success, as nearly all cinemas in the United States were rebuild to be able to play sound-films in 1929 when the film premiered. A new screening of the story as a sound-film, which wasn’t successfully received, signalled the end of the story of ‘Der Hund’.  The film has been lost for decennia, until she was found, almost complete, in 2009 in Poland. Now, it can finally get the recognition it deserves!

Filmed on an enormous set (see image), magnificent cinematography and cunning findings (not only by Holmes, but also by the director) makes this film more than worthy for the Adventurous Evening.


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