Slapstick Saturday

11 January 2020
8:30 PM
Parktheater Eindhoven (Elzentlaan 50, 5615 CN Eindhoven)

Because of the overwhelming interest for Slapstick Saturday, this program will move during NSFF 2020 to another location to house as many people as we can. Just a five minute walk from our regular location, Pand P, you will find the Parktheater Eindhoven (Theaterpad 1), where Slapstick Saturday will be held in the Philipszaal.

The other programs of the festival will be held at the Leenderweg in Pand P as usual.

Slapstick Saturday will be musically accompanied live by the NSFF Ensemble, directed by Daan van den Hurk.


USA, 1929
22 minutes
Director: Lewis R. Foster
Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Harry Bernard, Charlie Hall, Edgar Kennedy

Laurel and Hardy are debutants on Slapstick Saturday! In ANGORA LOVE, the silent film duo is dealing with a goat that’s following them around – even into their bedroom. The animal eats everything it encounters, and Hardy’s pants are no exception. They try to hide the goat from their landlord, who’s getting his goat (as one would say, back in 1929) because of all the racket and the smell coming from their room. The plot of ANGORA LOVE was reused a year later for Laurel & Hardy’s film LAUGHING GRAVY (1930), with a puppy instead of a goat.


USA, 1925
25 minutes
Director: Leo McCarey
Cast: Charley Chase, Katherine Grant, Lucien Littlefield, Jane Sherman, Noah Young

Charley Chase is back on Slapstick Saturday after his silent film DOG SHY, which was shown at the festival last year. In WHAT PRICE GOOFY?, Charley is married to a woman whose jealousy is out of control. Her friends are even spying on Charley when he’s out. When he’s visited by a Harvard professor – also a woman! – and she leaves her nightgown lying around, he has to put his best foot forward to hide it from his wife.


USA, 1923
74 minutes
Directors: Sam Taylor, Fred Neymeyer
Cast: Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Bill Strother, Westcott Clarke, Noah Young

The main feature of the evening is Harold Lloyd’s SAFETY LAST (1923). Lloyd used to be – along with Chaplin, Keaton and Laurel & Hardy – one of the biggest silent film makers of his day. The scene in which he climbs a tall building to find himself hanging from a big clock, is one of the most famous images in the history of film.

In the film, Lloyd works at a store, when his boss is in need of a clever publicity stunt. Lloyd recommends his friend, who has the nickname ‘the human fly’. It’s decided he will climb the building from the outside, to draw attention.

However, the human fly kind of forgets about a police officer who’s still after him. Lloyd has no choice but to take his friend’s place, and starts climbing. He’ll be relieved when he reaches the second floor, but things don’t go according to plan, because the human fly can’t shake the police officer. That means Lloyd is forced to just keep climbing and climbing…


Tickets for Slapstick Saturday can be purchased via the Parktheater.