Slapstick Saturday

20:00 Program 5: Slapstick Saturday


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Slapstick Saturday is the biggest event of the festival. An evening long program with films by some the greatest comedians of the silent era: Charlie Chaplin, Charley Chase and Buster Keaton.




THE CURE (c) Lobster Films

Charlie Chaplin in:

THE CURE (USA, 1917)

Charlie Chaplin

Live musical accompaniment: Maud Nelissen (piano)


Charley Chase in:

DOG SHY (USA, 1926)

Leo McCarey 23′

Live musical accompaniment: Meg Morley (piano)





COLLEGE (c) Lobster Films

Buster Keaton in:


James W. Horne 66′








Live musical accompaniment by the NSFF Trio excisting of  Daan van den Hurk (piano), Bart Soeters (bass) and Frank van der Star (drums)