The Nederlands Silent Film Festival takes place from 7 until 10 January 2021. This fourth edition is, given all of the restrictions, completely available via livestream!

There are separate tickets available for Sunday! Only € 10!



Thursday 7 January 2021

8:30 PM (local time) Italian Comedy 101
A unique coproduction with Bristol Slapstick Festival





Friday 8 January 2021

7:00 PM (local time)The Animation Genius of Richard Williams (1933-2019)
Lecture by film historian David Robinson

8:30 PM (local time) The Lost World (1925)
Adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s same titled novel



Saturday 9 January 2021

4:00 PM (local time) Slapstick Saturday (NL)

8:30 PM (local time) Slapstick Saturday (EN)
This includes the following films:
The Lucky Dog (1921)
Duck Soup (1927)
Detained (1924)
The Finishing Touch (1928)
Battle of the Century (1927)



Sunday 10 January 2021

4:00 PM (local time) The Brilliant Biograph
Compilation of the very first film images ever made throughout Europe

8:30 PM (local time) The Marriage Circle (1924)
Hilarious misunderstandings in the comedy classic directed by Ernst Lubitsch