5 january RICHARD WAGNER (1913)

Preview of NSFF during the concert series ZOLDERKAMERTJESKLASSIEK

5 januari 19:30


Carl Froehlich, 72′

with original music by Guiseppe Becce

performed by Daan van den Hurk (piano) and Maaike Peters (cello)

Guiseppe Becce as Richard Wagner

In collaberation with the Netherlands Silent Film Festival, Zolderkamertjesklassiek presents a silent movie with classical music as subject.

 In 1913, many festivities have been organised to honour the 30th bereavement of the celebrated composer Richard Wagner. One the initiatives was the making of a (silent) film about his life and work, which resulted in the ‘biopic’ RICHARD WAGNER. However, the rights on Wagner’s music weren’t expired yet during the production of the film and so the music of Wagner could not be used for the films score. Therefore, filmcomposer Guiseppe Becce (composer of many scores for silent film and also the interpreter of Wagner) has composed and arranged music in Wagner’s style to accompany the film. This unique sheet music  has survived the test of time and has been reconstructed by Daan van den Hurk for this performance. Daan van den Hurk and cellist Maaike Peters will bring the film and original music to life on this night.

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