13:30 Program 3: Avant Garde Afternoon

Film has been experimented with ever since its invention.  As well as in our own country. To follow up last year’s Avant Garde Afternoon, this programme is dedicated to experimental films and non-fiction produced in the Netherlands or by the Dutch.

When thinking of old, sillent films, the Netherlands might not be the first country to pop up in your head, but there’re beautiful films produced on our own land. Pianist Anne-Maartje Lemereis is fascinated by the analogue techniques in these films and how they experiment with effects, camera composition, light and movement. She translates this to the piano. From the suprising ‘Nul Uur Nul’ to the meditative ‘Entstehung’ and even a camera attached to a wing of a mill in ‘Molens’: Plan to be suprised by this anthology of own ground. 



15:00 Lecture 2

By Elif Rongen of the EYE Filmmuseum

Elif Rongen is silent film curator of the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. She was closely involved with the restauration of FRAGMENT OF AN EMPIRE. In this lecture she will tell about and give backgrounds of the film, but will slao show how the restauration was done.






16:00 Program 4: Elif’s Choice

Fragment of an Empire (SU, 1929)

Friedrich Ermler 110′

Fragment of an Empire is a key film in the Russian cinema history. In the film, the soldier Filimonov has lost his memory caused by a shellshock during the First World War. Ten years later he ‘awakens’ in the Sovjet Union that has changed beyond recognition.

The film has been recently restaured. During the restauration scenes that were considered lost have been added, so that the film can be seen in is entirity again since decades.

Russian composer Vladimir Deshovov composed a wonderful and original score for the film, a score that hasn’t been performed since 1929!

During the festival the film will be accompanied with the original score, reconstructed and performed by Daan van den Hurk (piano).



18:00 Festival Diner

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20:00 Program 5: Slapstick Saturday

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(c) Lobster Films

Charlie Chaplin in:

THE CURE (USA, 1917)

Charlie Chaplin

Live musical accompaniment: Maud Nelissen (piano)


Charley Chase in:

DOG SHY (USA, 1926)

Leo McCarey 23′

Live musical accompaniment: Meg Morley (piano)





COLLEGE (c) Lobster Films

Buster Keaton in:


James W. Horne 66′

Live musical accompaniment by the NSFF Trio consisting of Daan van den Hurk (piano), Bart Soeters (bass) and Frank van der Star (drums)