Welcome to the Dutch Silent Film Festival

12th, 13th and 14th of january the first edition of the Dutch Silent Film Festival will take place in Pand P Eindhoven! During three days, 6 programs will be shown with classic silent films from the 1910/s and 1920’s.

Januari 6 there is a special program presented by the concert series Zolderkamertjesklassiek where the beautiful silent film MAUDITE SOIT LA GUERRE will be screened.

What is not always well known is that in that time as many film genres excisted as there are now. During the festival you can enjoy a.o. Slapstick, Drama and Adventure.

Since the films are silent, live musical accompaniment will be provided by several silent film musicians, who are internationally active, among which Maud Nelissen and pianist and director of the festival Daan van den Hurk.

Every program will be opened with a contemporary silent stop motion film, animated and live accompanied by Anne-Maartje Lemereis

A special guest at the festival will be film historic and Chaplin biographer David Robinson, who will give one of the three lectures during the festival.

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